Doctor Academy Class for 3+ Years old

If Register Mid-Month, Pro-Rated Credit Next Mo
* IVY KIDS OF PROSPER (location map)
Wednesday, 8:45 AM - 9:25 AM
Start Date: 4 Class/Mo - New Specialty/Month
Duration: 24 Total Monthly Dr. Themes
End Date: 08/26/20

STEMKids Doctor Academy program teaches kids ages 3 to 4+  years olds, Medicine, Science & Health Care by learning how their body organs work. It provides Fun and ENGAGING IMMERSION in STEM Fundamentals (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math & Arts) by teaching them to be various kinds of Junior Doctors (Pediatrician, Sports Doc, Heart Surgeon, Eye Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc.) Each month will focus on a different Medical Specialty & the appropriate STEM topics & related Healthy Habits.

All classes Develop Cognitive, Social & Emotional Intelligence via interactive group activities (Experiment w/ organ models/ sticker puzzles, posters, crafts, interactive iPad simulations, organ songs/dances) 

  • 40 Min/wk Hands-On Workshop (No boring lectures or talking heads)
  • Life size organ models (heart, eye, skeleton, x-rays etc.) & posters, organ sticker activity sheets
  • Practice Using Real Instruments that Doctors use like stethoscope, touchless thermometer etc. (Only those SAFE for kids), First Aid kit
  • Interactive iPad apps (age appropriate) to explore organ functions (heart, lung, stomach)  
  • Perform virtual procedures & virtual surgeries (Bone casts, heart surgery, eye lens fitting) using interactive iPad apps
  • Learn Songs and Dances about various organs (heart, lungs, brain etc.)
  • Safety: We strictly avoid Reproductive System topics & steer kids away from bringing them up
  • Safety: We strictly enforce no physical contact between staff and students & no physical contact between students that may be unsafe or even slightly inappropriate

* Cost: $60 /Mo for 40 Minutes/Weekly Class (4 Classes/Mo) – PRORATED if Late;   STARTS September, continues year long. Each month new Dr. Specialty Theme (Cancel with 30 days notice). Students can enroll any month as each monthly unit is independent. Initial month prorated if joining middle of the month.

* Optional Personalized Dr. Kit - $45 incl Dr. Backpack, Student Monogrammed Coat, Stethoscope, Med Ref Book (Delivery in 4 weeks)


Please see the attached flyer for more details or call iSTEMLabs founder Sunny 646-266-6922